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        1. National Medical Insurance Bureau: The drugs and medical consumables required for epidemic prevention and control can be purchased by medical institutions for emergency use offline

          Newstime: 2020-06-16 16:09:53

          The Joint Defense and Joint Control Plan of the State Council was scheduled to be held at 15:00 on February 20 in the conference hall on the third floor of the east building of Beijing Guoerzhao Hotel (No. 6, Xizhimen South Street, Beijing) to introduce the funding of medical treatment and the implementation of the treatment of medical personnel. working condition.

          We invited Mr. Duan Yong, Deputy Director of the Personnel Department of the National Health and Health Commission, Mr. Xiong Xianjun, Director of the Medical Management Department of the National Medical Insurance Bureau, and Mr. Wang Guiqiang, Chief Physician of the First Hospital of Peking University. When asked by the media, Mr. Feng Luzhao, a researcher from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced health knowledge.

          The National Medical Insurance Bureau attaches great importance to the supply and protection of drugs and medical consumables for the prevention and control of new coronary pneumonia epidemics, and requires medical insurance departments at all levels to coordinate the monitoring and supervision of the procurement and price of related drugs and consumables for epidemic prevention and control. For the drugs and medical consumables required for epidemic prevention and control, in the case where the provincial platform cannot guarantee the supply, the medical institution can first purchase the emergency use offline.

          Medical protective materials such as goggles, masks, and protective clothing are routinely purchased by medical institutions through various channels. In principle, they are not included in the scope of centralized procurement. During the epidemic prevention and control period, especially after the emergence of public health emergencies, some local provincial centralized drug procurement agencies, according to the local government epidemic prevention and control work arrangements, actively use the advantages of procurement information release, centralized matching transactions platform to assist Supply of protective materials procurement. Mainly to do a good job on the platform, it will not increase unnecessary procurement processes.

          In addition, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance have also issued documents recently, requesting all localities to do bidding and tendering work for epidemic situation innovation, and those who use financial funds to purchase relevant goods, projects and services for epidemic prevention and control should meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control work. As a primary goal, establishing a "green channel" for procurement may not implement the methods and procedures stipulated by the Government Procurement Law. We also require all provincial drug centralized procurement agencies to cooperate to provide platform services.

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